Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


1. How much do I want to list a casino kiosk at your company?

Answer: You can fill out your information on agent page. please click register and complete your information.

2. How long does it take to get to know my registration?

Answer: The process will take 24 hours and at least 3 working days. If your registration is successful you will be asked to make a payment for your kiosk id building process for the first time.

3. If my registration is successful how do I want to buy a game point and what kind of payment is provided?

Answer: You can connect directly with our customer service in whatsapp app. We provide payment through bank transfers of company account number, bank deposit and direct purchase at our Payments to single or individual bank accounts are not allowed.

4. Does the game point price be the same from time to time?

Answer: Prices will be notified from time to time. For further verification please visit the website

5. Will I be liable for any action if I am not interested in continuing to purchase the game point after my game point runs out?

Answer: The company party does not bind you any terms if you no longer wish to continue your business but the company has the power to shut down your kiosk if you involve the company name in your business. The use of a company name is strictly prohibited as the company only becomes a point-by-point provider of new agents.

6. If I have any questions outside of purchasing time?

Answer: You can contact our customer service at 24/7 website.

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